[Tweeters] Turkey, outside of Arlington?

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Hiya Jeff,

Actually, Arlington.. specifically Bryant/Grandview Road area, were sites for the reintroduction of the Wild Turkey. They were reestablished 1995 or there abouts.. and no allowed to be hunted till about year 2000 rough estimates there, I lived where they were reintroduced and often had wild turkeys hanging around my chickens up on the mountain. Arlington if I remember right, was one of 3 sights in Snohomish County that they were replanted.

For more information, you can contact fish and wildlife or even pilchuck tree farm .. if ou are looking for dates. although you could probably google "when were turkey's reestablished in Arlington" and get a pdf answer.. just guessing.. I'm away this weekend, Or I would look and post a link.

Hope this was helpful

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Hi Tweets,
I could not help but share this somewhat strange sighting.
This morning we observed a full grown (wild) turkey walking across the
field in front of our house.
I know they are not native here, but I have not heard of anybody raising
turkeys in our neighborhood.
it must be an escapee from somewhere. But, can I "count" it?
Curious in Arlington,

Jeff Osmundson

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