[Tweeters] Easter Sunday/Othello area

Megan Lyden meganlyden at msn.com
Mon Mar 28 17:55:34 PDT 2016


Headed to Othello on Easter Sunday hoping to see Sandhill Cranes. Some
highlights of this very windy day were:

Long-billed Curlew: There were 2 in the pasture mentioned by Randy Hill
in his post from last week (thank you, Randy!); and 8 directly south in the
adjacent pasture. These are the pastures on the west side of Reynolds Road
just south of SR26 and directly south of the Othello water tower.

Para Ponds: Around 1,000 Canada and Cackling Geese in the pasture near the
ponds. Saw at least 12 Yellow-headed Blackbirds mixed in with the Brewer's
and Red-winged Blackbirds, at least 10 Cliff Swallows. Lots of Lesser
Scaup, Shovelers, a dozen Bufflehead still there.

Trumpeter Swan: the 8 reported by Randy Hill were still on Halfmoon Lake,
seen from McManamon Road.

Royal Lake Overlook: the 100 plus Snow Geese reported by Randy Hill still
there. Also heard a Rock Wren.

County Line Ponds on SR26: Dozens of Northern Pintail, around 20 Dunlin, 3
Black-Necked Stilt.

At the intersection of Road E SE and Road 15.1 SE, had about 30 Sandhill
Cranes in a field with Canada Geese, Cackling Geese, Mallards and Snow
Geese. Good, but fairly distant views.

Lower Crab Creek Road: Over 300 Sandhill Cranes just a bit east of Road East
SE, many very close to the road (didn't need a scope!). This was about 6:30
PM. Also had visuals on a Rock Wren east of Corfu.

Megan Lyden, Bellevue, Washington

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