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Hi Larry,

I'd say it's not unusual for geese of different species to flock together; waterfowl are, after all, quite a gregarious group! In fact, I saw just the same behavior at just the same spot in late November. While stern-gating at a football game at the UW marina, I noted a single adult Greater White-fronted Goose with a flock of Canadas. All morning, the goose went around feeding with the Canadas, and I imagine that the same thing happened with your sighting. Whether it's three geese or twelve, birds of a feather flock together!

Here's a photo:


Good birding, Joshua Glant

Mercer Island, WA


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> Tweeters,


> While paddling back from checking on the Villa Academy eagle’s nest, I rounded Webster Point and after a short while I was passed by a GWFG. It seemed to land near the Conibear Shellhouse. A half hour later I found it resting with some Canada Geese on Canoe Island. I took a photo and moved on leaving it undisturbed. Later still I it circled overhead three of four times with two of the Canada Geese. The three birds stayed together in their odd little formation and ended up landing on the Carp Pond.


> I was wondering if anyone knows if it is common behavior for the GWFG to be so kindly accepted by a pair of Canada Geese.


> Larry Hubbell

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