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Tue May 3 09:27:04 PDT 2016

Hey tweets, we're all probably getting numerous emails today about how it is Give Big day, where the Seattle Foundation matches donations to nonprofits. I encourage all of us to choose one or two of our favorite environmental organizations to donate to.

Mine this year will be to the Seattle Audubon board birdathon. The board is going up against the Seattle Audubon staff, and it's going to be a big contest. I have learned from sources close to the top that the staff are planning to camp out in eastern Washington the night before and begin birding while it's still dark. This FOWL strategy makes my BUFFLEHEAD ache, as I am the one who is planning the BARRED's trip. My thought was to start at Alki and find numerous seabirds. This would work great if only the seabirds would stick around long enough, but as it is, I think things are going to be RUFF for us, especially considering that our group won't assemble unTEAL after dawn. How SWIFT is that? They tell me they want to SWALLOW their coffee before we have PILEated into the vans.

Well, enough of this CHAT. If you want to help our team (and stop these awful puns), go to www.seattleaudubon.org/GiveBIG <http://www.seattleaudubon.org/GiveBIG> and give us something to CROW about. This is KNOT the time to hold back. - Connie, Seattle

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