[Tweeters] Season's firsts and lasts around Tenino: Trumpeter, etc

Paul Hicks phicks at accessgrace.org
Tue May 3 17:35:45 PDT 2016

Tweets, Today (May 3) I checked around Tenino for spring arrivals and hangers-on. I was surprised to find 4 TRUMPETER SWANs still lounging in the second-to-east-most pond at the Centralia steam plant (Big Hanaford Rd, Lewis Co) and a FOS adult male BULLOCK'S ORIOLE eating locust blossoms or the bugs they hosted. Also F/LOS in S Thurston Co: LAZULI BUNTING (earliest date), YELLOW WARBLER (ties last year's earliest), WARBLING VIREO, CASSIN'S VIREO, BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK, GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW (kinda late) and yesterday WESTERN TANAGER. Others this spring:
Wood Duck 3/19 earliest for S County
Cinnamon Teal 4/1 2nd earliest by 1 day
Turkey Vulture 3/16
Gr Yellowlegs 4/5
Least Sndpr 4/26 not annual, 2nd earliest
Band-t Pigeon 3/19 earliest
Vaux's Swift 4/18 earliest by 2 days; then they disappeared for 8 days
Rufous Hummer 3/5 earliest in yard
Hammond's Flyctr 4/15 2nd earliest; I have a March record
Pac-sl Flyctr 4/25 2nd earliest; several heard today
Purple Martin 4/18 earliest (4/8 at steam plant).
5-6 years ago I had maybe 1 spring record; now they are expected.
Tree Swallow 3/8 3rd earliest; 2/21 last year
V-g Swallow ditto; ditto
N Rough-w Swallow 4/12 2nd earliest
Barn Swallow 4/2 earliest
House Wren 4/19 earliest by 2 days
Hermit Thrush 4/16 3rd earliest
Am Pipit 4/19 earlier by 1 day than my only other Tenino spring record
Cassin's Vireo 4/19 3rd earliest
Warbling Vireo 5/3
Orange-cr Warbler 3/22 5 days earlier than last year's earliest
Yellow Warbler 5/3 ties last year's earliest
Blk-th G Warbler 4/12 earliest by 2 days
Townsend's Warblr 4/15 2nd earliest by 1 day
MacG's Warbler 4/19 earliest by 4 days
Com Yellowthroat 4/5 2nd earliest
Black-h Grosbeak 5/3 3rd earliest
Lazuli Bunting 5/3 earliest
Savannah Sparrow 3/29 earliest
White-cr Sparrow 4/1 2nd earliest
Brewer's Blkbrd 2/20 earliest (doesn't overwinter here)
Brown-h Cowbird 4/2 earliest
Western Tanager 5/2 2nd earliest
Am Goldfinch 4/16

Of these 34 migrants, 25 are earliest or 2nd earliest by my records for Tenino & vicinity. Either the birds are arriving earlier or I am getting better at anticipating and finding them, or both.

Some LOS:
Green-w Teal 4/30
Eur Wigeon 3/8
Am Wigeon 4/27
Ring-n Duck 4/27
Fox Sparrow 4/16

No doubt Bob Sundstrom has earlier arrival dates for some species to Tenino. Good birding!
-- Paul Hicks / Tenino / phicks A T accessgrace D OT org

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