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Thu May 5 09:05:20 PDT 2016

On Wednesday Steve Pink, Jon Houghton, Frank Caruso and I had a lovely full day of birding East of the Cascades.  We visited Bullfrog Pond, the Teanaway Valley, Liberty, Umptanum and North Wenas Roads.
Despite seeing only 4 waterfowl species, 1 shorebird species, no gulls and only 4 raptors, we noted over 70 species.
Highlights in addition to good weather (until rain coming home) and good camaraderie, were the following:  Multiple Soras and Virginia Rails at Bullfrog Pond; beautiful Mountain and Western Bluebirds; Western Tanagers, Western Kingbirds, Hammond's and Gray Flycatchers; Calliope and Rufous Hummingbirds; Warbling and Cassin's Videos; Lewis's Woodpeckers; Yellow, Yellow Rumped, Orange Crowned, Nashville and McGillivray's Warblers (plus Common Yellowthroats), the three Nuthatch species, and lots of Brewer's, Vesper and Chipping Sparrows.
We failed miserably in concerted efforts to find a White Headed Woodpecker but will likely survive.

Blair Bernson
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