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Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Thu May 5 10:41:57 PDT 2016

It was High Noon on May Day, here in Port Townsend, when I had a showdown with the notorious 'Washer and Dryer Gang'. It started out kinda scary. The scary part was the state of my dirty laundry.
Yes, due to recent "lifestyle" changes, I am now using a laundromat again - for the first time in decades -and on this May Day that was a blessing . Thats all because of Mom's Laundromat, here in town. Like they say in the "real" estate world, it's all about "location, location, location!". Mom's is a great location. Of course the best birding location is where you actually are. That's my opinion, such as it is. Virtual reality? Good birding luck with that.
After facing down the Washer part of the gang, I barged out the front door of Mom's into a big Port Townsend heat wave. Puget Sound area heat waves can be experienced, by local Sound yokels like me, as anything over like 70 degrees. In the heat and glare of the PT high noon, I was thrilled to hear the loud twerping of Purple Martins . Mom's is located a half block away from the closest landlubber viewpoint of the PT boat basin Martin boxes that somebody built. I think that people who provide bird nest boxes are committing a real high form of community service. So thanks to local Martin enabler's, whoever you are.
As I walked outside of Mom's I quickly added to my birding Laundry List. A few steps past hearing the neighborhood Martins I noted a big Glaucous-winged Gull overhead. In the light of high noon, it was a glowing incandescent white with a fine blue sky backdrop . Quite beautiful really.
I soon added the finishing touches to my Laundry List by noting loudly singing ,and bright- headed ,White-crowned Sparrows by Mom's parking lot, and a bunch of Violet-green Swallows twittering around a nearby motel. Always nice to see and hear those birds.
Well, that's my big list: 4 species. OK , so not too many species , but hey, all real quality sightings for me! Also achieved bonus points for clean laundry.
Mom's Laundromat in Port Townsend :
"Voted best Martin- viewing laundromat in the Pacific Northwest!" by the Jeff Gibson Review.
Jeff Gibsondoing laundry inPort Townsend Wa
PS: Mom's is just a block from the PT boat basin docks, where, if you're into that sort of thing, you can see amazing sea life on the dock floats. I did, while my clothes were drying.

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