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Fri May 6 15:14:48 PDT 2016

maybe leucistic robins can only be found in pioneer parks... i have a
photo of one at the pioneer park of mercer island about 8-10 years ago...
the undergrowth there was very dark, and he stood out like the target he

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork

On Fri, May 6, 2016 at 2:49 PM, <johntubbs at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi folks,


> A month or so ago, I saw a uniquely-marked leucistic American Robin in

> Pioneer Park in Tumwater. Unfortunately that time I was unable to get a

> photo despite making a valiant effort to do so. I wrote it off, figuring

> I'd never see the bird again. Fast forward to today when, in the same

> location along the path by the river, the bird showed up again. This time

> I got decent photos. Following is a link to the photo.



> http://www.johntubbsphoto.com/-/johntubbsphoto/gallery.asp?cat=38989&pID=1&row=5


> It's a good thing this bird is apparently spending most of its time in a

> wooded area because its coloration would seem detrimental to the birds

> longevity relative to predators out in the open...!


> John Tubbs

> Lacey, WA

> johntubbs AT Comcast dot net




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