[Tweeters] RE: accidentally uncovered junco nest

Rae Hight rae at raehight.com
Sat May 7 09:02:12 PDT 2016


While working in the back yard (cleaning up the branches from a tree that
came down in a storm), my husband accidentally uncovered a junco's nest with
5 eggs! We aren't sure whether to try to cover it or just leave it alone?
This happened last year while mowing in another part of the back yard. We
tried placing a bit of covering over it and then stayed away so our presence
wouldn't create stress. But when we went back a few weeks later to check,
either the parents hadn't come back or something got to the nest.

Suggestions for this time?

Rae Hight
Port Orchard

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Hello All,

The two Black-Necked Stilts continue just before the viewing blinds on Ruddy
Lake (around post 14 I think). They are viewable from the auto route.

Good Birding,

Kevin Black
Reporting from Ridgefield NWR
Home base of Vancouver, WA

Kevin Black
Richland, WA
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I meant to ask if anyone had seen the Loon at the Port Angeles Ferry
terminal b

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