[Tweeters] Boreal Owls at Low Elevation

Kevin Black kevblack787 at gmail.com
Sat May 7 10:34:35 PDT 2016

Hello All,

I don't usually post nebulous emails on here however I thought this one is
worth mentioning. I have had a report from a birder friend of mine that
heard and SAW a BOREAL OWL in North Richland yesterday. He confirmed it was
a BOREAL not a Screech Owl. He played the Western Screech Owl to compare
calls and could differentiate the two calls.

Also, I have third-hand report that there was a birder in Vancouver who
heard a Boreal Owl in the Salmon Creek area yesterday.

I admit, at first I was skeptical but then after reading the description of
Boreal Owl's life history and status on Seattle Audubon's Bird
Web.org it may explain the sightings if they were indeed Boreal Owls.


Keep your eyes and ears open for oddities!

Kevin Black
Vancouver, WA
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