[Tweeters] Semiahmoo Spit Brewer's sparrow plus more

Fanter Lane fanterlane at gmail.com
Sat May 7 23:42:50 PDT 2016

Hello tweeters,
Today I got a text from Noah Sanday saying he had a Brewer's Sparrow at Semiahmoo Spit. I was able to get out there around 2, and after some searching I found it again in the same general area after Noah gave me great directions! It was hanging out half way down the spit where there are 3 large snags and some short pines. A trail crosses from one side of the spit to the other and that's where it was. Noah also alerted me of a golden plover with the flock of shorebirds on the outer beach, which turned out to be a Pacific-golden Plover. There were also 2 Ruddy Turnstone with the same flock in full breeding plumage. Great find by Noah and an incredible afternoon at Semiahmoo!

Good birding,

Fanter Lane
fanterlane at gmail.com
Acme, WA

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