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Hello Tweeters,

Went to Westport/Hoquiam/Aberdeen last Friday.

Stopped at Montesano cutoff and went down to check on Osprey nest on the river. It must have been "restructured" in a storm since it looked much smaller. There was an Osprey on the nest. Could only see head bobbing.

We headed down to the Sandpiper Trail at the refuge - tide going out. Lots of birds, spread out on the mudflats. Red Knots, Dunlin, 4 Capian Tern (got nice looks at them thru scope), 2 Bald Eagles on the ground at the far end of Bowerman Basin, sandpipers, BP Plovers. Also on the way back (the long walk along the parking by the airport) saw several Savannah Sparrows - a first good id for us.

Next day we went out on the Pt. Grenville trip w/ Faye, Diane and Marcus! Great leaders! One awesome flyover was a Sandhill Crane! Several eagles, varying ages. Heard Wilson's and Orange Crowned warblers (none seen). From the cliffs we saw cormorants nesting. We could see (thru scopes - not very clear) scoters and Tufted Puffins - although can't really say I saw them since they were bobbing and on the water far below us. Guess the list is on ebird. My memory is fading on this. We did get to see canoes being built - invited into the building by some kids with a wolf (which I got to pet!). These were amazing things to see up close - in various phases of completion. The totem pole there is also quite a sight to behold - standing tall. I believe there was a 52 (or so) species count. (Would love that list, Diane/Faye!! ;-)) Oh, we saw two Whimbrels flying (which I called as dowitchers!**)
Thanks to all at the festival for all they do!

Sunday was more laid back - went to Bottle Beach (our favorite spot) at 2 hours before high tide and we were pleased to see a lovely, large mixed flock of Sandpipers, Ruddy Turnstones, I found one Black Turnstone (our first!) in the group, several Red Knot, Short Billed Dowitchers, Dunlin, Black Bellied Plovers...who am I forgetting? It did seem that there weren't the numbers we saw last year. Had they already come through earlier or are they due to arrive now that we have left?

We also checked out the marina at Westport. We found a dock full of sea lions, hollering and maneuvering for the best spot while others slept through all the hubbub. There was one adult common Loon and two juveniles. Also one Red Necked Grebe and two Western Grebes. A couple of ladies said they had seen two Black Oystercatchers near the boardwalk which we checked out but couldn't find them the next day. There were Brown Pelicans coming in. Also saw one Double Crested Cormorant up close with what seemed to be a just caught eel. The loons were very near the docks as well. Also around the docks were a gazillion small jellyfish!! Fascinating to watch!
A sad note: there was a gull (Glaucous winged?) with a broken wing just dragging it in the parking lot. Tried to get someone to some for it, but to no avail.

Well guess that's all for now. It seems that our bushtit nest is still holding. Things are quiet, so thinking they may be feeding the hatchlings.

I know there are a few birds l left out - though not intentionally. The White Crowned Sparrows come to mind. I also know we heard a rail in the brush but didn't show itself, even when I tried to call. We think it was perhaps responding the strap on my husbands pack!!

I just feel great having seen some new birds, being able to identify them and being able to distinguish one from another!! Although I realized how much I still have to learn!!** ;-))

Caryn / Wedgwood
All Things Bird!

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