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Wed May 11 18:26:43 PDT 2016

Hello, Tweets,

It seems to be an extraordinary week for Pectoral Sandpipers. Here in Clallam County, the center of the Pectoral invasion is "Dungeness Greens," a flooded field on the south side of Hogback Road just east of Lotzgesell Rd, in west Dungeness. One Pectoral was present from May 4 to 9, then there were at least 4 Pectorals on May 10, and this afternoon (May 11) there are an incredible 33 Pectorals, possibly more, mixed in with other shorebirds. Pectoral Sandpiper is typically a rare bird in Clallam in spring, so this is noteworthy. I notice that similar high numbers of Pectorals are being reported at M St Marsh near Emerald Downs, so this may be a region-wide event.

The Hogback site floods with standing water during years with significant rain and/or snow. I believe the site is a former kettle pond, an impermeable depression surrounded by glacial moraines. In high rainfall years, like this year, standing water remains well into the spring, maybe into summer. The site has turned up other interesting species, particularly other shorebird and duck species.

If anyone visits the site, please view birds from above on Hogback Rd rather than driving down the private roads by the ponds. You’ll see the threatening signs. Some homeowners are very protective of the area and local birders have worked hard to maintain good relations with them.

By the way, this Saturday is the Clallam County Birdathon, part of International Migratory Bird Day. Please come birding anywhere in Clallam County this Saturday and add to the totals. If you enter data on eBird it will be included, or download our tally sheets from the Olympic Peninsula Audubon website http://olympicpeninsulaaudubon.org/news/harlequin-happenings-2/ <http://olympicpeninsulaaudubon.org/news/harlequin-happenings-2/> and return it after the count to the address on back. Write me if you want ideas about places we need covered. Thanks!

Bob Boekelheide

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