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Thu May 12 15:02:19 PDT 2016

Tweets – after Marymoor, I sped down to Emerald Downs, where the ONLY waterfowl were 57 CANADA GEESE and 1 CACKLING GOOSE. No ducks. ZERO SHOREBIRDS. Water evaporating fast.

The only shorebirds at Boeing Ponds were KILLDEER and SPOTTED SANDPIPER.

The 212th Ponds had a lone drake CINNAMON TEAL and a nice look at an AMERICAN BITTERN in the flooded area along 212th at the west end of the valley.

At 204th, I walked the whole way back along the north side of the new stormwater ponds. At the very west end, flying from Sensitive Area sign to Sensitive Area sign was a WESTERN KINGBIRD. Visibility down to the natural ponds below is very limited.

Bad luck on my part means it looks like I missed the bulk of the shorebird migration in King County this year :( But the Bittern and Kingbird were nice bonuses.

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