[Tweeters] More Kent Shorebirds

K Ingalls kayliningalls at gmail.com
Fri May 13 19:26:59 PDT 2016

This seems to be the go to area right now!!
I also went to M street marsh/ emerald downs, although at a different time
than Josh. I saw 9 Dowitchers, which called later to confirm my suspicion
of Long-billed. There was a Peregrine Falcon sitting in a nearby tree,
which explained the lack of other shorebirds! While we watched it took a
pass at the Dowitchers, who flew away. That is when I heard them calling.
Also in the area were some Canada Geese and at least 4 Blue-winged Teals.
I went to Boeing Pond after that, only seeing a Killdeer as far as
shorebirds go. We did see some Canada Goose goslings, and a pair of Cedar
Overall not what we were looking for (Pectoral, sigh) but still a good day,
all things considered!
Good shore, and other places, birding!

-Kaylin Ingalls
Kirkland WA.
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