[Tweeters] Sandhill Cranes Fir Island

Sammy Catiis Hikersammy at msn.com
Fri May 13 22:15:49 PDT 2016

I got my first look FINALLY at a Sandhill Crane today.. WEEE.. Lucky me. However, never seeing them before, I thought they were herons flying overhead. I only had a moment to look at them and snap a few photos, thinking they sure looked big and different.. didn't think much of it.. it was a hot day and I was busy carrying stuff. Then this evening, uploading the images and going through them, I was shocked to see they were Sandhills.. I might have be more careful to see where they were headed. Saw them overhead at Wylie, but they were headed towards the closed Hayton fields. Still.. at least I can say I've seen one.. even thought I didn't know it at the time.. [😃] I've looked so many times when others have seen them in the area.. and never did see any.

Happy Sammy


(Oh, and a Cedar Waxwing building a nest)
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