[Tweeters] Tulalip bay yesterday, international migratory bird day

Maxine Reid baconmf at mail.com
Sun May 15 13:06:53 PDT 2016

Hi tweets
To celebrate this in auspicious holiday.,I did a casual survey of Tulalip bay and environs.
The day started with 2 male western tanagers in close!
I was able to find 6 FOY birds on the 14 th and several earlier in the week.
So it's a well named day.
Here's the list:
Common loon
Western grebe-5 ,down from about 100 a few days prior
DC Cormorant
Pelagius cormorant-1
GBHeron many
Canada goose -2 families
American Wigeon
Surf scooter many
Greater scaup 1
Common Merganser
Common Goldeneye
Bald Eagle 6
Cooper's hawk
Black bellied plover 1
Spotted sandpiper 1 FOY
Western sandpiper~12
Ring billed gull
Western gull
Bonaparte s gull 1
Campaign terns many
Pigeon guillemots flying between nest tunnels and the water in front of mission beach
Rock pigeons
Band tailed pigeons 2
Mourning doves
Anna's hummingbirds
Rufous hummingbirds
Belted kingfishers
Hairy woodpeckers-a pair at a nest hole
Northern flicker
Stellers jay
Purple martins -8 on our dock
Tree swallow
Northern rough winged swallow
Barn swallow
Swainsons thrushFOY
American robin
Eurasian starling
Cedar waxwing 2FOY
Yellow Warbler -many!
Common yellowthroat 2
Wilsons warbler - many
Western tanager 2 FOY
Spotted towhee
Song sparrow
White crowned sparrow
Black headed Grosbeak -numerous singing FOY
REd winged blackbird
Brown headed blackbird
House finch
American gold finch
House sparrow
58 total

On 11 May , I also saw
Green heron FOY and Bullocks Orioles (several days.).

A fun diverse species count.

Cheers and Good birding,
Maxine Reid

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