[Tweeters] Snoqualmie Valley Trail, 5-14-16

Izzy Wong gobirder at gmail.com
Sun May 15 16:48:59 PDT 2016

Hi Tweetsters,

Kendrick and I had a productive morning at Stillwater, Snoqualmie Valley Trail yesterday. Numerous RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKERS were quite busy along both sides of the trail. Had a nice pair of BULLOCK’S ORIOLES, a target bird for us.
The CEDAR WAXWINGS showed up in good numbers, too. BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK, YELLOW WARBLER, COMMON YELLOWTHROAT, and WILSON’S WARBLER also made themselves known.

Best couple of sightings of the day were a VIRGINIA RAIL with 3 fluffy furball chicks, and an active AMERICAN BITTERN flying, stopping for long moments, and vocalizing. I heard the cool “oonkalunk” first, then we turned toward the call and saw it immediately. We were able to watch it on and off for several minutes.

Had 40+ species there.

Afterward, we found 3 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS, and several SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHERS at Evans Creek. There was also one CINNAMON TEAL there. We must thank Joshua for informing us of this spot when we ran into him at Stillwater.

izzy wong
seattle, wa
gobirder at gmail.com

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