[Tweeters] Robin tragedy

Rob Sandelin robsan668 at gmail.com
Tue May 17 13:58:03 PDT 2016

Alas, poor Robin. I have 2 sets of Robins nesting nearby my house, one in
front, one in back. While eating lunch outside today I heard alarm calls
from the front yard Robin. I looked over at the nest area and there was a
crow, perched on a nearby apple tree obviously looking directly at the nest.
The Robin alarmed but it did no good, the Crow moved in seized one baby and
flew off, returned a couple minutes later and flew with the other. Poor
robin, sat with her head hung. Usually when a hear a robin give an alarm
lots of other robins chime in, but not today, Mrs robin was on her own. I
suppose there is still plenty of time to try to nest again but her mate
disappeared so I guess the whole negotiation has to start over again.

Rob Sandelin

Watching the world go by out in.

Snohomish County

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