[Tweeters] Hot birding in Russian Far East last weekend, entertaining videos

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For Northeast Asia birding aficianados out there: I birded a couple hours in Incheon, South Korea and brief birding bursts during latter half of last week near Vladivostok, Russia. But last Saturday morning (May 14) I had a splendid early morn-to-noon 6-mile jaunt, with gorgeous weather and migrants (including many FOS) aplenty. Incredibly, although attempts at photo documentation failed, I had a close-up encounter with Russia's first-ever FERRUGINOUS FLYCATCHER in a group of regular migrants. But Tweeterland might find these video captures of regulars more entertaining:

1. SIBERIAN RUBYTHROAT singing vigorously, complete with tail wiggling:


2. BLACK-BROWED REED WARBLER (FOS) singing, skulking:


3. KOREAN FLYCATCHER male (Aka Yellow-rumped, Tricolored Fly, FOS), a staggeringly beautiful bird, pardon the unsteady hand:


4. Then, not less striking, the deep blue of the male BLUE-AND-WHITE FLYCATCHER (photo):


5. And--how about a banana-breasted (YELLOW-BREASTED) BUNTING male, always showy:


Finally, of several EBird reports, this link captures that big last morning, with 65 species, imbedded

are more photos, including good ones of AZURE TIT and AMUR FALCON:


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