[Tweeters] Blackpoll warbler and red-eyed vireo at Washtucna Bassett Park, Clark Co, WA

Bob rflores_2 at msn.com
Wed May 18 20:58:32 PDT 2016

Hello All,
I just returned from the eastside. Today was a good day at Bassett Park. Best before the winds started to blow at 0915 hrs. The highlight was both the blackpoll, a adult male, and a red-eyed vireo that was very vocal. The vireo was seen on top of the hill behind the house on northend of pasture. The balckpoll was seen at the large tree in the main park. The blackpoll vocalized 2-3 times it was the buzzy call note. Honestly I am not sure if I could hear the song? The bird rotated around the tree moving often and to my frustration I was not able to get a photo learning a new camera did not help. When the winds began at about 0915 the frequency of seeing it dropped allot. Twice I was about to give up and there it was again.

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I spent the night in the park arriving about 9:00 pm. As
I bean to sleep a common poorwill was calling from the rock bluffs to the west. During the night a barn and great-horned owl were heard.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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