[Tweeters] Pacific Slope flycatcher / Caryn / Wedgwood

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Thu May 19 08:40:45 PDT 2016

Tweeters -

Just saw what I think was a Pacific Slope Flycatcher sitting on my feeder station. (where all the hummers perch now). I played songs (I'd heard a new song earlier before I saw the bird) and compared it with the Western Wood Peewee and it was much more like the upward short trill of the PSFlycatcher. The wing bars were more prominent, and do think it had an eye ring.

It flew off but didn't "flycatch" back, but will be watching much more intently. Wish I didn't have an appt to attend.

Also saw junco collecting grass below my window. Do they collect near where the nest is being constructed? I do already have junco babies.

It is bird city here!!

Caryn / Wedgwood

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