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Thu May 19 17:01:55 PDT 2016

Tweets – This was another of many days where the night and early morning weather looked pretty bad, but the actual weather in the morning was pretty decent. From before our 5:30 a.m. start time, the rains had subsided, and we had a dry morning under not-to-dark overcast. There were thick, dark clouds around, but also some thin spots that gave us pretty good light much of the time. And it was birdy the way May should be birdy.


Wood Duck 2 females with ducklings at the lake, 2 males
D.-crested Cormorant Unusual late-May sighting – 1 twice, or 2
Green Heron Sub-adult bird seen twice – prob. the 1 that overwintered
Turkey Vulture Getting late for a spring sighting – First of Year
Spotted Sandpiper Two at weir, some wing-up displays
Ring-billed Gull Several sub-adult birds – unusual for late May at Marymoor
E. Collared-Dove Three at East Meadow
Barn Owl Matt had ~5 this morning, including at least 1 juvenile
BLACK SWIFT Maybe 75 – certainly DOZENS, mostly to the SE – FOY
Anna’s Hummingbird 2 large babies in nest near start of boardwalk
Willow Flycatcher At least 2, First of Year
Pac.-slope Flycatcher At least 2
BANK SWALLOW Two+ at lake, seen well. Only the 3rd or 4th record
- warblers - Reasonable numbers of the expected species
CHIPPING SPARROW Mark & Lee saw 2, East Meadow
Lazuli Bunting Singing male, and female, Viewing Mound
Bullock’s Oriole Nice looks at males
Evening Grosbeak Several flyby flocks

For the day, 72 species. For the year, adding TURKEY VULTURE, BLACK SWIFT, and WILLOW FLYCATCHER, we’re up to 130 species in 2016.

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