[Tweeters] California Quail at Lakewood Marina

cma at squeakyfiddle.com cma at squeakyfiddle.com
Thu May 19 18:45:35 PDT 2016

I was quite surprised to find a California Quail at the Lakewood Marina
a few days ago, the first one I've seen down here in +/- 20 years of
regular outings. This was a very flashy male hanging out on top of the
beaver lodge at the north side of the marina gate. He took shelter in
the adjacent brush when a juvie BAEA flew low overhead.

Lakewood Marina is located at 4500 Lake Washington Blvd S, at the foot
of So Genesee Street. Parking is available just north at the foot of So
Adams Street, and also a bit south and past the reserved marina parking.
The marina gate is often locked, but there's rough access to the beaver
lodge right next to the gate. It's OK to walk into the marina if the
gate is open, but do stay on the main dock and keep your visit brief.

Catherine Alexander
Lakewood Neighborhood
South Seattle

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