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Sun May 22 12:40:31 PDT 2016

Good Morning Tweeters,

I have 3 swallow nesting boxes. One is new thanks to the OPAS class.

2 of them, I have had up for 2 years; and, both have been occupied.

Last month, English Sparrows showed up. We have never had English Sparrows
at our place.

I threw gravel at them for 3 weeks. They were not deterred.

Three days ago, I took one of the houses down. No difference.

Day before yesterday, I opened the 'bottom cleaning drop box' on the second

They stayed. Then the female flew in; and, promptly dropped out the bottom.

The Sparrows have not been back ('hey dear, why would you invite me to a
nesting box that has no bottom?) It was amusing to watch her surprise and

Our VG Swallows have been watching all of this from about 2 feet.

I 'cleaned' and rehung the swallow boxes this morning. The VGs were there
within 20 Minutes.

Isn't birding grand!


Neil W. Burkhardt

Jane Stewart

121 Solar Lane

Sequim, WA 98382-8324

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