[Tweeters] Bottle Beach - No Laughing Gull

Marcus Roening marcus at rainierconnect.com
Sun May 22 18:24:55 PDT 2016

Bruce LaBar and I checked out Bottle Beach at high tide, but not a single gull to be seen. So we cruised the fish processing plants in Westport and not surprisingly found a lot of big gulls. Westerns to GW Gulls and every hybrid in between. Went back to Bottle Beach about 1 1/2 hours after high tide and added Ring-billed Gulls to the list. Best part - we had to look over about 80 Red Knots to see them! There were also SB & LB Dowitchers, BB Plover, a few Western Sandpipers and a dozen Greater Yellowlegs.

Good birding,

Marcus Roening
Tacoma WA
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