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Wed May 25 01:20:43 PDT 2016

Yesterday I walked from the compost heap to the lake and back. Normally a few nice birds a seen but for the best part nothing special. Well the park put on a show and right off the bat great looks at a male Lazuli Bunting vogue-ing for me. The lighting was perfect to illuminate the blue head. The same fir tree housed a Common Yellow Throat so the contrast in colours was a nice effect. Flying lazily across the park was a female Marsh Harrier. Things were looking very good so far. Savannah Sparrows flitting about. Tree Swallows abound and one in particular sitting on a post was so blue I nearly misstook it for a Bluebird. Both Annas and Rufous Hummingbirds seen. Very close looks at Cedar Waxwings and a solitary Western Wood-Peewee. At the trail to the lake in a dead tree Band Tailed Pigeons cooed and displayed. So far so good. The usual residents also in abundance . Male Goldfinches caught the sun rays with their full courtship colours.Being a week day and around 10am the model planes were grounded and few dogs so all in all it was the birds that had the park to sing and sing. Swainsons Thrushes serenaded me to the lake look out. The lake was empty except for a displaying Red-Winged Blackbird and 2 Bald eagles making it clear to a youngster it was time to leave. The tall Cottonwoods produced up high Bullocks Oriols and Black-Headed Grosbeaks. Before the gate a quick glimpse of the intense yellow and black of an Evening Grosbeak and then above my head a Hutton's Vireo. I am on a role now. Seemed everywhere I looked something I hadn't seen many of were suddenly on display. But the best was yet to come. Walking back through the dog park flying toward me a bright yellow Orange-Crowned Warbler. And like the rest sat and posed till I moved on. Leaving the dog park on the gravel road I spied markings on a bird that I hadn't seen before. I had a hunch it was a Lapland Longspur. Checked with Sibley and he concurred. A very striking bird with such defined lines between colours. The yellow bill stood out and a chestnut band of such rich colour. At this point I messaged a birding friend the news and posted it to facebook. I see Michael Hobbs made it to the park and eventually found it. It did have a young Junco for a friend. Hopefully more of you can experience this bird to as it was a first for me.Mark.W.Girlingmarkgirling at yahoo.comWoodridge.
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