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Tweets – Not the greatest May day ever, for it was overcast and breezy, with a distinct nip in the air. Overall, not terribly birdy. The Lapland Longspur has not been seen since Tuesday night, so it must have moved on. There were still four WESTERN KINGBIRDS however, at the north end of the East Meadow.

In case you wonder at the microsite names I use, this is a reminder that I did annotate a park map with my spot names. See http://marymoor.org/images/ParkBirdingMap.jpg


Wood Duck 3 clutches of 2 ducklings each
Great Blue Heron 1 baby has fallen out of the nest, in the fenced area below
Bald Eagle We continue to have to many, incl. subadults
Spotted Sandpiper 3 at/below weir
Band-tailed Pigeon Sightings all morning long
Barn Owl East Meadow as late as about 5 a.m.
Anna’s Hummingbird Young have fledged from boardwalk nest
Pileated Woodpecker Flyby past mansion
WESTERN KINGBIRD Four at north end of East Meadow, then to airplane field
Purple Martin Occupying back left gourd at Lake Platform
Lazuli Bunting Male and female, north end of East Meadow
Bullock’s Oriole Adult and subadult males, females
Evening Grosbeak Distant flyovers

For the day, 63 species. WESTERN KINGBIRD and Tuesday’s LAPLAND LONGSPUR were new for 2016 to bring the year list to 133.

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