[Tweeters] 5 W. Flycatchers in Discovery Park today

Somer, Lonnie lsomer at highline.edu
Thu May 26 19:35:15 PDT 2016

Hi Michael and Tweeters,

I apologize if this is a double post. I sent the below email a couple of hours ago, but my computer is telling me that it never actually was sent.

I just returned from Discovery park in Seattle with my son Deyland. We found 5 Western Kingbirds at the location mentioned by Michael Fleming on a post yesterday. Four where on the same small tree and another was on a nearby bush. A couple were actively flycatching and vocalizing a bit, the other 3 remained on the tree while we were there. I took a few amazingly bad photos with my phone.

Good birding,

Lonnie Somer
lsomer at highline.edu
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