[Tweeters] Umptanum and Wenas Roads on Wednesday

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Thanks, Dennis. In thinking back, many of our MOBL- rich trips to Umptanum were earlier in May. Perhaps the Mountains leave for the mountains soon after fledging while the Westerns remain near the nest boxes for a longer period? Maybe some of the more consistent visitors or nest-box monitors have noticed this? – Jon Houghton, Edmonds

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Two weekends ago, we saw more Mountain Bluebirds than Western on Umptanum Road. Go figure.

May all your birds be identified,
Denis DeSilvis
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Hi Tweets – For those interested in the condition of the Umptanum Road, Kathleen and I, (returning from a great trip to Walla Walla – thanks, as usual to the Dennys for great company and great advice!) made the transit from Selah, up North Wenas Road, over the top, and down Umptanum Road. No problems with any of it – all in fine condition: no craters and only a little washboard here and there. One birding note: the Great Horned Owl nest was vacant and we saw no owls in the area Wednesday afternoon. The flowers were quite nice though, and several Western Kingbirds were seen at the usual place where the creek runs through an open meadow about a mile above the Falls trailhead. One big question though: What has happened to the Mountain Bluebirds?? Has warming weather forced them higher?? Only one pair seen near the higher pass; only Western BB (many) seen around all the nest boxes on the Umptanum side. I’m curious if anyone else has noticed this change over the last 10 to 15 years? Happy Birding! – Jon Houghton, Edmonds
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