[Tweeters] Possible juv Rufous? (Bushtit update)/ Caryn / Wedgwood

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I banded hummingbirds in Washington for a few years with my daughter Clare
Brown. In Winthrop in June, 2010, we captured a Calypte (Anna's) and
Archilochus (Black-chinned) hybrid. It had the iridescent purple color of a
Black-chinned, with the head pattern of an Anna's.

Rachel Lawson


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Rufous hummingbirds definitely nest in our area. I suspect I have 2 or 3
nests every year along with a couple of Anna's. Right now I go through
nearly a pint of sugar syrup every day with both rufous and Anna's
hummingbirds putting on a great show of aggression. Consumption of syrup has
gone up over the last few weeks as young of the year join the throng. You
should see the rufous hummingbirds around through at least June and probably
some will be around into July. By the end of July they're mostly gone with
the last birds probably migrating from further north.

When I was a graduate student I spent a considerable amount of time studying
hummingbird hybrids in central California. We found quite a few congeneric
hybrids (i.e. hybrids of the same genus) but I never saw hybrids between two
different genera such as Calypte (Anna's) and Selasphorus (rufous). Hybrids
I both saw and captured were between Anna's and Costa's hummingbirds or
rufous and Allen's hummingbirds.

Wally Davis


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Morning Tweeters,

Seeing a possible juvenile rufous at feeder this am. Even looked at the
window at me! By the length of time I have been seeing rufous here - well
over two weeks could this be that they did nest in the area?

Also do Anna's and Rufous ever hybridize?

Either way, it's good to see.

And also saw the bushtits still going into nest. Trying to figure if this is
second brood or still feeding last one.

Caryn / Wedgwood_______________________________________________

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