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Anne Winskie and I went birding in central Skagit County today with 66 species for sites from Bryson Rd. up to Corkindale. At Martin Rd., we were unable to detect either a clear creek crossing or the chat mentioned by good 'ol Gare (G. Bletsch). But we did have a cooperative female YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD and a brief visit by a BANK SWALLOW; an Empid here was probably a Least Flycatcher but I wasn't sure. At Barnaby Slough, a pair of BLUE-WINGED TEAL were noted, as was an EASTERN KINGBIRD (FOS) and a RED-EYED VIREO (FOS), but no sign of good 'ol Gare's Gray Flycatcher. At the Sauk River Boat Launch by the bridge, there was one NASHVILLE WARBLER, and three more were heard on the hillside above the traditional spot at the Rockville Quarry. At Corkindale, there was a DUSKY FLYCATCHER (gave the quiet little "whit" call and was then seen) near the north end of the creek. Also here was a SPIZELLA, sp (very possibly Brewer's Sparrow) but it was too far off for identification.

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