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Tue Nov 1 09:53:45 PDT 2016

Bushy-tailed Woodrats show up in some funny places. We were hiking the Lake Ann Trail in the Mt. Baker this summer when I saw an elongated, whitish gray creature with bushy tail. I couldn't credit my eyes until some research showed that yes, they sometimes share the same areas of scree that house pikas and yellow-pine chipmunks. Not only that, they also can be found in daylight during the summer months. I would not have believed they'd inhabit the near subalpine region (approx. 5,000') and was very glad to add the species to my Mammal Big Year.
----Steve Ellis
Coupeville, Wa (as far as I can tell b-t woodrats never made it to Whidbey Island)
sremse at comcast.net
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