[Tweeters] Long-tailed Duck - Yakima County

Kevin Lucas vikingcove at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 17:33:45 PDT 2016

Yesterday afternoon I found a Long-tailed Duck on Rimrock Lake, Yakima
County, along Highway 12 near milepost 163. That's a little west of the
Cove Resort. It was in a raft with 20 Ring-necked Ducks. It looked a bit
like Sibley's illustration for a spring female, but advice from a
knowledgeable friend indicates it might be a first year male "transitioning
from summer plumage (predominantly) brown into winter (mostly white)." Jeff
Kozma posted about it on BirdYak in my stead. Today I went back up there
with John Hebert. We relocated it on Leech Lake, at White Pass, about 10
miles west. It was with Surf Scoters, Red-necked, Western & Pied-billed
Grebes, Ring-necked Ducks, Barrow's Goldeneyes,.... Conditions were
gorgeous. We asked Richard Repp to post on BirdYak with its updated

I digiscoped photos both days. Rather Loch Ness photos and a 2 second video
clip from yesterday start here. Click left for more. I'll post more photos
from today.


Leech Lake requires a NW Forest Pass or the like to park, but you can walk
in from the highway. It was fun to find and relocate a Long-tailed Duck in
Yakima County, and great that these locations don't involve trespassing.
Thanks for identification help, once again, to Jeff Kozma, Brad Waggoner,
and Jon Isacoff.

Good Birding,
Kevin Lucas
Selah, WA


(BirdYak is a Yahoo Group listserve for birding in Yakima County. I'm
blocked by the BirdYak listowner from posting or receiving its posts, hence
the help from bird watchers who are still allowed to post there.)
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