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Sat Nov 5 14:30:27 PDT 2016

Netta Smith and I spent over 2 hours at the Edmonds Fishing Pier on a mixed sunny and cloudy morning on 4 November, cool and from completely calm to a moderate SE wind. It was great because so many birds were flying around in those conditions, and there was enough sun for good photography. It’s so nice to get in a day or so in the field between rain storms.

Bonaparte’s Gulls were common and fishing just off the pier again and again, best Bonaparte’s experience I’ve ever had there. Plenty of Heermann’s, Mew, California and Glaucous-winged as well. Four Horned Grebes and 2 Rhinoceros Auklets were feeding not too far away, and a few Common Murres flew past. I was especially pleased to have a flock of 4 Barrow’s Goldeneyes and another flock of 5 Buffleheads fly past close enough to photograph, heading down the sound lickety-split and presumably in migration. Also, 3 flocks of Dunlins (7, 43, 53) flew past doing the same. A pair of Bald Eagles were on the pilings south of the ferry dock, where one brought in a Common Murre for lunch.

Lots of Double-crested and a few Pelagic Cormorants flew past, as did a few small flocks of Surf Scoters and 3 White-winged Scoters. Interestingly, most of the scoters were juveniles. Almost everyone was heading south, appropriate for fall. Not a huge number of birds, but a very satisfactory variety of species. Two Harbor Porpoises appeared, also heading south, but we never saw them again after they surfaced briefly three times between us and the ferry dock.

Dennis Paulson
Seattle, WA

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