[Tweeters] more on Prothonotary Warbler @ Neah Bay 11/5/16

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 5 21:46:20 PDT 2016

More on the Prothonotary, and other Neah Bay birds today -

that thing is a skulker - or on the move -

After Mike Resch reported the Prothonotary in the morning, Brad & Dan Waggoner, Chris Warlow, Mike __ and I went looking. It was first reported down at the lower parts of Ba’adah Village Loop Rd. We tried there for a long time, w/ no luck.
Next Brad, Dan & I moved to the upper Ba’adah Heights area after Brad saw the Orchard Oriole moving from the lower area west and speculated maybe other birds were heading in that direction too - after another long round of looking, we finally got a look at the Prothonotary around 12:30ish. It was in one of the many blackberry thickets at the corner of Ba’adah Heights and Ba’adah Point Rd. We were able to observe it for less than a minute before it disappeared again - Brad, fortunately, was quick with the camera.
After another long stretch of looking, we heard it chipping a little and Brad was able to get around a corner and get another glimpse, not far from the first sighting. Before we could observe more it flew away again, and to my knowledge was not re-found for the rest of the day.

Short version - it might well stick around, but it also might well remain as elusive as it seemed today.

Only 3 prior records of Prothonotary have been accepted for the state, the last in 2007. This would be the first for the west side of the state.

Other birds around the area today:

Tropical Kingbirds - 2-3 in town, 1 at Ba’adah Village Loop Rd.

Orchard Oriole - 1 or 2? One seen at Ba’adah Village Loop Rd. late morning, one seen in town at Woodland & Lincoln, around 3:00. Alex Patia, Sierra __ & I watched it fly towards the playground, then lost it - it seemed perhaps a bit brighter than the morning bird, but that could have been angle/light - maybe photos will tell whether it was the same wide-ranging individual or a different bird?

Palm Warbler - 1 @ Lincoln & Woodland

Harris’s Sparrow - 1 @ ~ Lincoln & Woodland

Northern Fulmar - the flock of fulmars continues not far off shore - visible from the jetty and from Ba’adah

Good birding,

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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> I just got a call from Mike Resch an excellent birder from Massachusetts. He has a PROTHONOTARY WARBLER at the Clay Colored Sparrow spot og the Loop Road at Neah Bay now. 8:15 a.m


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