[Tweeters] Bird in woodstove

Gayle Benton gbenton at rockisland.com
Sun Nov 6 10:55:39 PST 2016

Hi Tweets,
Received email this am from friend on island and thought you all might get a
kick out of it. Interesting bird - what do you think?
Gayle Benton
Orcas Island, WA

Lots of noise in wood stove pipe this morning, finally this guy appeared in
stove. Tugger very hyped about whole thing, sitting in front of stove
waiting for play time and possible meal.
Rescue tricky, don't need sooty bird flying around house.

Mission accomplished, he did outwit me and escaped towel, but luckily was
aware enough to see open door. Happy bird in madronna tree, ticked off cat.


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