[Tweeters] Discovery Park Snow Bunting hanging in there

Lonnie Somer mombiwheeler at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 15:58:31 PST 2016

Hi Tweeters,

The Discovery Park Snow Bunting was still present as of 2:20 this
afternoon. I ran into a couple of very friendly birders by the lighthouse
who told me that they had recently spotted it on the pathway near the
bluffs. It was indeed there, exactly where they had described it. If you
walk down the paved path that parallels the road that goes out to the
lighthouse, the trail ends in a 'T'. It's paved to the right and is a dirt
path to the left following the base of the bluffs. It was maybe 30 feet
along the unpaved path, a little before the big puddle. The beach was
packed with Seattleites enjoying the nice weather. Unfortunately, many of
them had unleashed dogs. One of these dogs ran right at the bunting while
I watched; it flew in a wide circle and landed back on the path, well away
from the dog. It was still there when I left a few minutes later.

Good birding,

Lonnie Somer
mombiwheeler at gmail.com
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