[Tweeters] SWAMP SPARROWS, odd WREN today; thoughts on Neah Bay Tropical Kingbirds

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Today three SWAMP SPARROWS were at Portage Creek WMA near Arlington. I suspect that they are regular, I've had them several times in CBC season here. Here is one of two photos:


Then today while working in the yard I had a group of juncos and towhees near the feeder while I was working the garden plot. But in the brambles at the edge perhaps 10 feet from me, I saw a small brown songbird moving stealthily my way in response to pishing down at near-ground level. I assumed PACIFIC WREN, which are common here, but was stunned by a white throat and, when the bird was at side profile, a buffy flank and a white belly with sandy-brown upperparts; and a little bobtail was cocked upward. If there was barring on the flanks, it must have been weak, but then this was a naked-eye observation at point-blank range. The bird was silent. I scrambled over to the car for my camera, returned in a flash, but was unable to get the bird back...

Then, I wish to share that some of my kingbird photos from Neah Bay gave me pause after the fact. Perhaps I'm preaching to the choir, but it would be a good idea to listen to the birds that were at 1st (and 2nd) and Lincoln. Rather than beat a dead horse, please take a look at these three TROPICAL KINGBIRD shots:



and compare with:


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