[Tweeters] Acorn Woodpecker in Cowlitz Co.

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Bob Flores and I headed up to the Turner property around 2:30 this afternoon and had some great conversation with the Turners. Around 3:20 pm the Acorn Woodpecker came into the sunflower seed feeder as Russ described and stayed for about 20 minutes, as it had around 1 pm and earlier in the morning. There are as many as 9 Anna’s Hummingbirds coming in to feeders as well.

Randy Hill


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Hi Tweeters,

An ACORN WOODPECKER has been gracing a Goble Creek area feeder since 11/4/16. Homeowners Larry and Joanne Turner tell me that it appears briefly 1 or 2 times about mid-morning and is then not seen the rest of the day. At 9:40 AM today (11/8/16) it was on the sunflower seed feeder as I entered the driveway and stayed around for a few minutes after I got out of my car before flying off. It also had been there for a few minutes sometime before my arrival.

In a conversation with Joanne she indicated they would be welcoming of birders wishing to see the woodpecker. The address is 124 Jensen Road, in the Rose Valley area southeast of Kelso. Jensen Rd is about 0.4 miles up Zillig Rd from Goble Creek Loop Rd. Google map sent me to the wrong place for the start of Jensen Rd which is a small private road. 124 Jensen is the 2nd house on the right with a sharp right into the driveway with room at the end of the drive for a few cars. The sunflower feeders it visits can be seen on your left along the house as you go down the drive.

As indicated earlier morning seems to be the most likely time to see the Acorn Woodpecker.

Russ Koppendrayer

Longview, WA

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