[Tweeters] Blog Posts - A Day in Clark County (Red Shouldered Hawk -Yes; Acorn Woodpecker - No) and a Pretty Amazing Two Minutes in Neah Bay

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Sun Nov 13 11:01:30 PST 2016

I have added to posts to my blog describing a visit to Clark County on Veterans Day with Jon Houghton and Jean Olson and to Neah Bay a week earlier with Brian Pendleton, Ann Marie Wood and Steve Pink.  In Clark County we found the Red Shouldered Hawk at Ridgefield Refuge but missed the Acorn Woodpecker that had been coming to a feeder although there were lots of birds - especially Anna's Hummingbirds.
The Neah Bay trip on did not find the Prothonotary Warbler but in an amazing two minutes we had 2 Tropical Kingbirds, a Palm Warbler, a Blue Gray Gnatcatcher and an Orchard Oriole.
Blair Bernson
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