[Tweeters] A few birds from the coast yesterday - Red Phalaropes and a Franklin's Gull

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 14 07:42:47 PST 2016

Hi all -
Yesterday I made a loop to the coast - the winds, rain and high tides kept things less than ideal, but I did find a few notable birds.
Red Phalaropes - As mentioned in Bill Tweit’s post, Red Phalaropes have been blown in from the ocean. It was a great day for viewing them:
Grayland Beach SP - south end [Pacific Co] - at least 2-3 hanging out in the ponds and beach edge
Westport Marina [Grays Harbor Co] - 10+ in the marina - including a few walking at my feet along the floating docks
Westhaven SP & jetty area - another 10+ - many walking around on the entrance road and in the parking lot - at least a couple squashed by drivers on the road. Many in the pond next to the lot. Several more flying around just off shore.

Franklin’s Gull - one in South Bend [Pacific Co], just behind Aargh Coffee shack - I think there was one there last year in the gull flock as well - but this one appeared to be a first cycle bird, so probably a different one?

Barrow’s Goldeneye- the rarity of the day was a Grays Harbor Barrow’s - reported previously on ebird, the male was still hanging out in the marina close to the ramp down from the north/west end parking.

Snowy Plovers - maybe 20+ on the beach at Grayland SP [all on the Pacific end] - Midway beach entrance, at the high tide, was not passable enough to allow beach access, but Grayland was easy —

No luck finding Rock Sandpipers, but the deteriorating weather probably contributed.

Great change to get close looks at Red Phalaropes as they recover [hopefully] from the weather.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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