[Tweeters] Ballard Brown Pelican

Carol Riddell cariddellwa at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 16:33:54 PST 2016

The Brown Pelican seems to be making intermittent appearances out on the water. Where could it go? When I could not find it anywhere on the water between Carkeek Park and West Point, I went to the dock at Ray’s Boat House and looked up to the locks (nope) and then over to the Purple Martin gourds (yep) on the south side of the Shilshole Marina breakwater. This is at least one spot the pelican is using to snooze and otherwise take a break. The Ballard Elks Lodge is just a couple of buildings north of Ray’s. If you park on the street, there is a public path on the south side of the Elks parking lot that takes you back to the public pocket beach where people go to see the Purple Martins. The pelican was on an adjacent piling. The public path is signed as access to a public beach. So you might check this location is you are looking for the bird and can’t find it out on the water. A couple of photos are in the link to me eBird checklist:


Carol Riddell

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