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Wed Nov 16 21:10:13 PST 2016

Bob Flores and I headed to Neah Bay today and arrived in one of several rain showers during the day. After scanning the bay we checked the 1st and Blue Jay area and quickly found Palm Warbler and Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, then 3 Tropical Kingbirds before walking the area from the MiniMart to Butler's Motel. At the "oriole" stop a white-crowned x golden-crowned sparrow showed. At the jetty there were probably 100-200 Red Phalarope visible close or flying around and landing to the north. We tried to estimate Northern Fulmar numbers but anywhere from 20-80 might be accurate. The Wa'atch River produced most of what Mike Barry had seen including a Northern Shrike, 40+ Red Phalaropes, Brant, 9 Snow Geese and 6 races of Canada and Cackling Goose. An interesting raptor scenario had one Peregrine Falcon take a Green-winged Teal, hand off to another that dropped it with a Rough-legged Hawk taking it and losing it to a Bald Eagle.Back to town we got a call from Bruce Paige about a Willow Flycatcher!! at the west end of the jetty. We relocated it and Bob got a photo. Our attempt to finish walking around town was shortened by rain but there were still 2 Tropical Kingbirds visible near 2nd St when we quit around 3:30. The tally was 80+ species for the day.Randy Hill Ridgefield 

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