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Kelly McAllister mcallisters4 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 17 06:00:33 PST 2016

The Environmental Services Office of the Washington Department of
Transportation periodically develops posters that are put up in over 100
highway maintenance offices throughout the state. These posters primarily
provide feedback to the maintenance staff on the results of compilations of
statewide wildlife roadkill data. Sometimes they feature informational
topics like identification of Washington's deer. We're currently working on
a poster that will feature identification of fisher, primarily comparing
fishers to minks. We'd also like to feature the northern spotted owl and the
3 more common owls that they are likely to encounter, the barred owl,
barn-owl, and great horned owl.

WSDOT maintenance staff were equipped with ipads a couple of years ago and
the collection of roadkill information has become easier with these
GPS-enabled devices. We've seen a dramatic increase in submissions,
particularly for smaller animals that often went unreported in the days of
pencil and paper forms. The data are used for a wide range of initiatives
including considerations for mitigation efforts to reduce collisions with

We often have difficulty finding good quality photos that we have permission
to use. If anyone has good photos of barred owl, northern spotted owl, great
horned owl, or barn-owl that they would be willing to let us use, please
email me. Credit would be given.

Thank you.

Kelly McAllister

WSDOT Habitat Connectivity Biologist

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