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Hello to all. I do not know how I managed, well yes I do I was in a hurry, to post the dusky-capped flycatcher as a brown-creasted. My apologies to anyone who looked at the photos and spent time countering the id.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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Dusky-capped was posted as Brown-crested.

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Bruce Paige found a flycatcher at the base of the jetty at Neah Bay he told Randy Hill and I about a willow flycatcher he found. we went out and at first could not locate it and soon Bruce showed up and said he had a recording of the willow calling. We did not get a chance to hear the recording. Bruce left and we then found the bird and with all the assumptions thought we had a willow as well. The bird was very fleeting and never sat still and often hung low in the shrubby patch we found it in. I did happen to get one photo a good feat considering the constant movement of the bird. When looking at the photo on my camera one could see a large bill and no eye ring and some yellow in the belly area. We assumed yea he is right it is a willow and did not go any further. I did not have a computer with me. I am at home and as soon as I pulled the picture up on the screen it was apparent it is a myiarchus flycatcher!!!! The bird was not large and never as I viewed it did I see any rusty colors. Although later Randy said he may have seen rust on the tail but he discounted it claiming the poor light we were experiencing. My only guess and this is based on the size I experienced it could be a dusky-capped? The bird did not seem as large as a ash-throated. Thanks for any feed back and if you have contact for Bruce he said he has a recording of the bird he said it called often.

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