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Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 16:26:21 PST 2016

Hello all,
It is swan season again. Since many of you are out and about please be
aware that when you see a dead, sick or injured swan please pass this
information on immediately. WDFW is once again tracking the mortality
issues with swans, thus picking up the birds is very important. The sooner
we are aware of a downed swan the better the chance to get it before it is

There is a WDFW swan hotline for Skagit and Whatcom Counties: call and
leave a message:
360-466-4345 ext 266
For Snohomish, King and Pierce counties please call me (Northwest Swan
Conservation Association) at 206-713-3684.
If you do not get a live person please leave a message with your name
and phone numbers and as exact a location of the swan as possible. This
will help us get out to the bird as expediently as possible.
It is important that you call rather than leave an email as that
delays our response.

The swans are picked up and sent for necropsy. Also we are preventing
secondary lead poisoning to raptors who may ingest any lead shot found in
the swan. Power line collisions need to be documented as well, in addition
to any other mortality factors.

Thanks for you help.
Happy birding.

Martha Jordan
Everett, WA
Northwest Swan Conservation Association
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