[Tweeters] Safety at Eide Road (Bill Anderson)

Steve Krival stevekrival at live.com
Sun Nov 27 23:45:08 PST 2016

The geese/duck hunters wear camo, sit still in hides, and shoot upwards. It seems unlikely that they would accidently shoot a birder. They seem to be there every day. The pheasant hunters wear red vests and shoot from the ground up at flushing birds. They are the ones to be aware of, because they are looking for birds to shoot in the grass and bushes where birders may be walking or crouching. Conceivably, a birder could be mistaken for pheasant (a really big pheasant). Other Tweeters have posted that the pheasant hunters are only in the area shortly after a Fish and Game pheasant release, which apparently occurs every other Friday. So, birders may be able to reduce their risks of getting shot by pheasant hunters by staying away on Fridays. If hunters of either kind are keeping warm with a flask of alcohol - it's illegal, but it happens - we'll then god help you.
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