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i can't help but notice that an indecent number of airports happen to be
located on migratory flyways or on refueling siets for migratory birds.

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> I'm both a biologist that loves birding and a retired Navy pilot. I can

> tell you that something as small as a sparrow can cause failure of a jet

> engine if it is sucked into the intake. If the engine explodes, it can

> bring down the airplane. These incidents typically take place during

> landing or take off and in the vicinity of populated areas. Personally I

> had to abort a flight and make an emergency landing because I hit a turkey

> vulture on the wing between my number 3 and 4 engines on take-off. That

> hit

> wiped out the leading edge of the wing. Fortunately it didn't go into an

> engine. I was also a passenger in a 737 that ingested a seagull on

> take-off. The pilot shut the engine down and had to make an emergency

> landing with one engine and a lot of people on board. An enormous effort

> has gone into trying alternate ways to keep birds away from airports. I

> don't think a really good way has been found. If birds aren't controlled

> around airports we either have to give up flying or we have to accept that

> there will be multiple accidents every year caused by birds ingested into

> jet engines. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world.


> Wally Davis

> Snohomish


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> Wildlife Services is a source of one of the substantial environmental

> "crimes" in the United States. They kill so many vertebrate animals, just

> because one or another segment of our society doesn't like them, that it is

> shocking to see lists of the totals every year. If you feel up to it, here

> is the list for 2014:

> https://www.aphis.usda.gov/wildlife_damage/prog_data/

> 2014/G/Tables/Table%20G

> _ShortReport.pdf


> You can go back year after year and add them up to get an idea of

> activities

> like that described at the Renton airport that are surely taking an

> unjustifiable toll of some of our wildlife. You can see the totals at the

> end.


> Speaking of airports, they killed 548 Upland Sandpipers in 12 states in

> that

> year, presumably as aviation threats. Does anyone believe that an Upland

> Sandpiper can threaten any kind of airplane? And this is a declining

> species

> that is considered of special conservation concern in numerous states. Or

> how about a total of 2,115 individuals of 5 species of swallows? Oh yes,

> they do poop a lot. 215,238 golden-plovers were "dispersed" (only 17 were

> killed) in that year. What in heck does that mean? That they chased away

> almost 600/day every day for 365 days from the same few airports?


> You can do your own thinking of why each of these species of birds,

> mammals,

> reptiles, amphibians and fishes is killed.


> As far as I know, there has been no successful attempt by conservation

> organizations to limit the damages to animal populations caused by Wildlife

> Services. That they are part of the Department of Agriculture rather than

> the Department of the Interior tells the story.


> Dennis Paulson

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