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Carol Schulz carol.schulz50 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 15:07:36 PST 2016

Hi Tweets:

The birding was great at the Des Moines Marina fishing pier today from 12:30
to 1:30pm. Great weather. No wind, and even some sun. Water smooth as

Best bird for me was an ANCIENT MURRELET, my first ever in Des Moines. It
just kept swimming and diving out near the end of the pier. I know everyone
sees Ancient Murrelets in Puget Sound, but not here. I felt deprived until
now. Other alcids were 7 Rhino Auklets, and 1 Pigeon Guillemot.

Other good birds were 4 Harlequin Ducks (common here), 2 Red-throated Loons,
3 Bonaparte's Gulls (they are pretty rare here), 1 adult Heerman's Gull
(rare here), a few California Gulls, and many Mew Gulls being very active.

Our usual seabirds were both goldeneyes, 2 Red-breasted Mergansers, 3
Red-necked Grebes, Surf Scoters, and many Horned Grebes.

Carol Schulz

Des Moines

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